Embu Governor Martin Wambora was today at odds trying to account how his government spent over Shs. 470M in the financial year 2017/2018.
Appearing before the Senate’s County Public Accounts and Investment Committee to answer audit queries, Wambora admitted that he was not aware of how the money was collected and eventually spent by his county officials.
“Mr Chair, I am not aware, but I will have to ask my people in the Finance Department to show how the money was spent and provide the necessary documents in due course,” he said
The watchdog committee Chairperson Senator Moses Kajwang’ (Homabay) took issue with Governor for what he termed as an “improbable way” of managing public resources.
He questioned how Wambora operates his government, saying he might not be an active governor who follows up on what is happening in all departments and as a result some officials abuse the opportunity to loot public funds. “You are perhaps being fed with inaccurate reports, but you are ultimately liable…it does not matter whether the EACC and the DCI came to your county and found nothing. Maybe you just know how to hide it because the auditor has clearly stated that something is amiss and there is a lot of misappropriation going on in Embu,” Kajwang’ stated. His sentiments were echoed by Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi and his Narok counterpart Ledama Ole Kina. “We have got documents being presented three months after the financial year has been closed. This is something that is in violation of what is required by the Auditor General and at this point, it is even harder to authenticate these documents not unless we request for a special audit for us to be factual,” Ole Kina noted.
On his part, Wamatangi was astonished at how a governor was not aware of how over Sh400 million was collected and used without his knowledge.
“Governor, with all fairness and respect, your presentation and all the questions raised by the Auditor General shows that there are many gaps in your County, and you are personally not in touch with your county matters,” said Wamatangi.
In his audit report for the financial year ending June 2018, Auditor General Edward Ouko queried the statement of receipts and payments for the year under review in respect to Sh468,262,521.
According to Ouko, no supporting documents including bank statements were availed for audit review in support of the same.

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